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Fall Colored Ponies and Golden Hues

Here I am surrounded by ponies from Sugarbrook Farm… I LOVED this day!  Taking photos of fancy baby show ponies in the pasture.  I wore my Lilly Pulitzer Carson Kressley “Grandstand Patch” shorts to fit in with the playful style of ponies.  I guess my favorite time was when they were chasing me in the pasture.. what fun!

Three ponies trotting in a row: These photos were taken by Kathy Cline. 

I love the seeing Thanksgiving decor and the colors in these photos remind me of Thanksgiving and Fall equestrian colors.  I hope this post inspires you to bring out the golden hues in your home.  Enjoy!


2 Comments on Fall Colored Ponies and Golden Hues

  1. The photos are amazing. I adore horses, have all my life and I can tell they put a smile on your face also. It’s hard to be around horses and not smile, feel relaxed and feel inspired. I love the first photo where the horse in the middle snuck up behind you and wrapped his beautiful neck around your waist to check things out, look at those ears.. ha ha

    Thank you for sharing, I saw this on Facebook and just had to click on the link.


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