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Equestrian Autumn Decor Inspiration

It’s Pumpkin season… enjoy mixing and matching your horse tack to horseshoes, your fashion riding boots, and pumpkins… all in one equestrian inspired decor.  These photos are all taken from the downtown heart of Charleston, South Carolina.  From Carriage doors to wrought iron horse shoe ideas, I hope you enjoy some interesting equestrian style…

Oh, and just so you know… that Butet saddle is about ten years old, and it’s still holding strong.  I’ve featured it a few other times throughout the blog, but I must say… it’s the most comfortable saddle out there .  The more wear in the saddle, the better… at least that’s what I always say!

These fashion riding boots were found at the Rack Room… Franco Fortini PS, they are On Sale now!

I absolutely adore these carriage doors on a traditional brick house in Charleston, South Carolina.

Looking to find a home for the horseshoe your horse just lost in the pasture?  Spray paint it gold and nail it to your wrought iron gate, or anywhere for that matter… it’s adds a unique equestrian touch to your outdoor home or barn decor.

Tell us what you think in the comments section… how do you design for Autumn?

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  1. I am wordering how to buy a your equestrian art??? Please help!!!!


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