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How to Get into the Holiday Spirit with Equestrian Decor

When it comes to celebrating the holidays, it is pretty much impossible to find something we dislike about the most wonderful time of the year here at Equestrian Stylist. You name it, we love it: the cold weather, the family time, the delicious treats, the smell of pine trees in the air, the excitement of finding the perfect equestrian style gifts for loved ones, and of course, the holiday decorations.

This year, why not kick your holiday decorations up a notch by adding some equestrian style to it? After all, we’re pretty sure that there is nothing that can make decorating for the holidays better other than by combining it with equestrian decor.

Read on for the top ways to make your home more festive with equestrian decor during the holidays.

Spruce Up Your Dining Table

One of the best ways to get into the holiday spirit with equestrian decor is to spruce up the dining table. Rather than simply decorating the table with traditional holiday adornments and calling it a day, add some equestrian flair to place settings by spray painting small iron horseshoes gold and tying on name tags.



Give Your Wreath an Update

Who said that Christmas wreaths only come in one shape? Not us! Give your wreath an equestrian style makeover by saying nay to traditional shapes and opting for one in the shape of a horseshoe instead!



Decorate Your Tree with Horse Ornaments

While this may seem like the most obvious option regarding how to use equestrian decor for the holidays, it is also one of the most festive. After all, what could get you more in the holiday spirit other than ornaments with prancing ponies and horses wearing Santa hats ? Just make sure you have plenty of equestrian style holiday gifts to put under the tree!


Turn Your Old Horseshoes into a Tree

Do you want to give your Christmas tree an equestrian decor makeover this year? Then make your own horseshoe tree! All you have to do is gather your horseshoes, weld three shoes together to make the base, weld the rest of the tree to the base, and then decide which ornaments you want to add to it.



 Use Bits as Gift Wrapping

Chances are that if you own a horse, you have many, many bits lying around. Buy a bunch of cheap bits and use them to decorate your gifts. Or, you can even clean off your used bits and recycle them as your equestrian style gift wrapping this year.



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  1. Can you link me to where you found the image of the Seabiscuit ornament on That’s my photograph, and it was cropped and my watermark taken off. Original publication 12/24/2014.

    You are welcome to keep using it on your post! Just change to my credit and link to that blog post please. 🙂

    • Alicia Butler // December 8, 2016 at 5:42 pm // Reply

      Hey! The image was on Pinterest and linked to Don’t worry though, we removed it from our blog 🙂

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