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Equestrian Holiday Décor Inspiration

Giddy Up!…. and go decorate your home in equestrian holiday trimmings!  From Santa Claus on horseback to centerpieces featuring cranberries, braided reins and horse bits we are featuring only the most elegant ideas to dress your home in equestrian holiday style.

As an interior designer and avid equestrian, I thought it would be fun to take a few simple tack items that all of us have too many of (come on….you know you do!) and come up with creative solutions to incorporate them into your Holiday Décor.

What you need for your equestrian holiday decoration ideas:

The “I have way too many of these” List:

Stirrup Leathers

Braided Reins

Stirrup Irons


Horse Ornaments


                                                From Your Kitchen:




Glass vases


From Yard:

                                    (If not yours…somebody else’s..haa, or Ho! Ho! Ho!)

Cedar & Fir Boughs

Pine Cones



Take one of the many braided reins that you lost the mate to and wrap it around a red pillow. How easy is that for a touch of flare & elegance!

Fill a floating candle holder with some water.   Add some cranberries and greens and tie one of your favorite horse ornaments around the base with a pretty ribbon.  Lovely!


***Simple Alert***


These make a great hostess gift!

Core the center of a large red apple wide enough to hold a tapered candle.   Poke cedar bough stems into the apple.

The stems will stay fresh and green for weeks from the juice of the apple.   The addition of Holly berries and little swigs of ribbon will create a cheerful and fragrant addition to any table or mantle.

Stirrup Leather Decorative Door Hanger

(I only found one of this pair so I didn’t feel bad about cutting it down)

Adding a pretty bow with a cedar bough and your favorite ornament is a welcome addition to your home or barn door.

                                                Equestrian Centerpiece # 1

Fill 3 clear glass vases ½ full of water and add cranberries.

Lay a garland down the center of the table and arrange the vases in 1/3’s.  We arranged the bits on the garland and twisted an old rein through the center of the piece.

The addition of a pretty plaid ribbon around the 2 vases on each end with some with berries & branches in the center vase adds some color.   We also interspersed some little red votive candles.

Then, another idea for a great equestrian centerpiece…

Equestrian Centerpiece #2

Cover a Box with pretty wrapping paper and then put a Stirrup Iron at each end of the box top.  Lay 2 small Christmas Balls in each one of the irons.   Surround the box with garland, stagger some candles on the box, twist a braided rein throughout and top it off with a Horse Ornament of your choice.

Tray Equestrian Centerpiece

We used one of my favorite old trays for this centerpiece but any tray would do.  Take a Stemmed clear Vase and fill with ornaments.  Then turn the vase upside down and place in the center of the tray.  Now use the base of the upside down vase as a candle holder. Surround the tray with Garland and add some white lights under garland with some pine cones. Place a bit in the center and you are done!

‘Tis the season for equestrian holiday trimmings… do you have any favorite holiday equestrian style tips?  Share your ideas below!


Mary Cox is an equestrian interior designer who has accumulated a ridiculous amount of tack. She welcomes your ideas and creative solutions for using all that tack. Contact her via her website Horse of a Different Color @ www. (where you can also view videos of these projects, and more). Mary’s blog at features fun ideas and resources on equestrian home décor.


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