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An Equine Country Getaway: Featuring The Red Horse Inn


Somewhere between the thicket of moonshine country, and the kept fields of horse country lies a place of refuge. The Red Horse Inn, set on 192 acres in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, is an equestrian-inspired resort that takes you miles away from whatever is on your mind.


Located in Landrum, SC, it is in the middle of hunting country and just a stone’s throw away from the bustling horse community of Tryon, NC. Tryon is home to two (soon to be three) major horse show facilities and a summer series of A and AA hunter/jumper shows. Venture into this area, and you find that the equestrian theme of the Red Horse Inn is true to its surroundings.


In the setting of the inn guests find space and solitude. Whether they are enjoying one of the six cottages or a room in the inn, they are left alone—unbothered by the constraints of set mealtimes or activities. Because the cottages are already stocked with homemade, fresh food, guests are largely self-sufficient. They have the luxury of eating great meals on their own schedule, and in the comfort of their own space. The Red Horse Inn stands out from other country inns because it caters to this feeling of aloneness and privacy. Guests find peace and relaxation in the solace that they are granted.


Looking out from the inn on a cold, winter day I could see why. The land is beautiful, natural, and unadulterated. The woods to my right showed a trailhead, and, yes, I knew that trailhead very well. My first experiences of The Red Horse Inn had not been on foot, but on horseback. Trail riders frequently pass by the inn, enjoying the miles of wide trails that surround it. Open space is a luxury these days, and it is all thanks to owners Mary and Roger Wolters that it remains.


It was 1995 when the project began. They purchased 192 acres and the bulldozer sitting vacant on the land. They were well aware that this move changed the future of the surrounding neighborhood. The land was now protected, freed from the previous owner’s plans to plop 200 houses down on its red clay soil.


They broke ground that year, unceremoniously, and with their new bulldozer that they didn’t even know how to operate. It was just the three of them: Mary, Roger, and the bulldozer. And they had a monumental task ahead of them. Through time, they mastered the art of bulldozing and they cleared and graded the entire property. This was only the beginning of their quest to build this inn from the ground up. “We built it by ourselves,” says Mary. “Our hearts and souls are in every tile and every piece of wood. Everything we did here we did with a lot of intensity.” From the shoveling of earth to the styling of décor, Mary has invested her energy. Her personal style is stamped into the look of each room and each of the six themed cottages.

Three Featured Cottages:



The Hunt Box has a warm and woody look, with the theme of the 1066 Normandy Conquest tying the stately details together.  Click here for more details about the cottage.


Carriage Bay is devoted to the chase. Guests read “The Spirit of Fox Hunting” on the wall above the bed, and look around to see the hunt brought to life on the walls surrounding them. It has plaid accents and a mural of fox-hunting scenes all throughout the living area. View its other features here.



The Granary is the most romantic cottage. Its dominant color is white, and the feeling is airy and spacious. Quotes of love adorn the walls of the cottage. A further description of the plush, romantic space can be found at this link.


The Red Horse Inn was built on a foundation of hard work, and it exists today in that tradition Mary and Roger, still the sole operators of the inn,  are responsible for everything– even down to the home-cooked meals that the guests receive. They created this inn from their own blood, sweat, and tears, but more importantly, they created it from their own vision.


Check out the Red Horse Inn and experience this vision turned reality. The unique equestrian style throughout its premises makes it the ultimate getaway for those who are inspired by the beauty of the outdoors and the majesty of the horse. Find The Red Horse Inn online for more information about the features of the cottages and the inn.






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