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How to Dress for the Races in Winter

In the summer months, going to a horse racing event means an array of brightly coloured dresses, pastel colours and huge hats. However, dressing for the races in the winter months can often be tricky, the ground is soft, the wind is high, and it can often be bitterly cold outside in the stands. Sit back and enjoy our top tips for winter raceday dressing.

Wear Felt Hats or Fascinators

Most courses won’t have a stipulation about hats at a winter meet, and if you do decide to wear one, you’ll need one that fits or is secure to your head so you’re not a victim to the wind and it flying off. Perhaps go for a smaller option, or something made of felt, or fix it firmly with hat pins. A fascinator secured to your head may be the way to go so that it can withstand the wind. Complete the look with a great coat, this can look incredibly elegant.

Leave the heels at home 

Going to a race meet often evokes memories of getting ready and shopping for the perfect pair of shoes to go with your outfit. Even in the summer months, heels can be a gamble, but it’s a risk that many take. In winter, there’s a real chance that you’ll get stuck in the mud, which will ruin your shoes and possibly your day. If you’re desperate to wear heels, one solution takes a little preparation, which you can sneak in between browsing the dresses at Asos and checking the form and tips at Timeform. It’s a new science, but one that has received national television coverage – you could invest in a pair of Clean Heels sink protectors that have been backed by science to stop slippage. However, that won’t protect your from the muddier areas of the race track.

Layer up 

There’s nothing worse than the sting of the bitter cold when you’re trying to enjoy yourself. Forget the warm, sleeveless days of summer, and think about heavier fabrics and darker colours. Wear a long sleeved dress, layered with a heavy coat and a scarf, and matched with leather gloves will ensure that you remain warm for the entire day. This is a great chance to make an investment in a practical yet elegant winter coat, and a silk scarf to contrast. Remember, if you’re likely to want to wear a hat, then a tweed hat against a tweed coat is not the best look, so plan wisely!

It can be really easy to think that dressing for raceday is only fun in the summer months, when big hats and bright colours are in vogue, however, there is still so much fun you can have in winter, as you can always make a statement with a bright coat, and flat shoes don’t have to be boring. Think about your accessories and embrace layering up for fashion as well as practicality!

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