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Get Personal: With My Equestrian Equipment


In the barns, equestrian tack and accessories are kept inside tack trunks or the tack room.  In many boarding facilities it is a huge problem for tack to go missing, or tack to be misplaced if it’s not properly marked. It is very traditional to have your name or horse’s name on all of the tack and equipment (in a tasteful manner). Not only does it keep it from getting misplaced, but it also looks very professional when each the pieces are monogramed. The “Cline” tack trunk pictured above is covered vinyl in our barn colors with black as the main color and light pink and grey trim.  All of our tack boxes, bridle racks, and saddle racks are all made by McGuinn Farms.  They are The Best!


Inside my tack trunk, I keep my personalized jumping bats and spurs by Signature Spurs.  Again, I only use the best in both tack and equipment  I adore these riding accessories. I have my initials “ACC” on my black jumping bat and my full name “Ashley Cline” on the nub spurs.


I am absolutely in love the jumping bat from Signature Spurs… the laser engraved initials on the topper of the bat creates a beautiful finish with just the right touch of style.



Brass plates on the bridles are also very traditional.


Keeping your leather like new can be a challenge, but the number one way to keep your bridles like new is to hang them on a bridle rack.   Hooks for the girth are also a great way to keep all of the horse’s tack together.  As you can see below, the name plates of the horses are installed on each bridle rack to keep it professional and easy to find.

BridleRack salsapad

Here is my small pony “Salsa’s” schooling saddle pad… (wow say that 5 times fast!)  We had it monogrammed with a pony that even looks similar to him with the liver chestnut and white socks.  This is not a show pad… it’s not okay to ride your pony into the show ring with a monogrammed pad… this is only good for schooling and around the barn!


The back of the saddle is also traditionally brass plated with the full name of the rider, or name and number if the rider has more than one saddle.



Last but not least, the stall nameplate is also a very popular barn tradition.  It helps the barn hands know where to place the horses after coming in from the pasture, and it also looks very professional.  Each horse and pony has their own stall, and by marking it in visible sight, it solidifies their home.

Getting personal with your equestrian equipment is critical.  What do you like to personalize?  Let’s hear it!


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