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Equestrian Stylist Breast Cancer Awareness Month Contest

Greetings!  It’s time to giveaway something PINK for Breast Cancer Awareness month!  Please tell me how you are contributing to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, or post a picture to my Facebook Page of you and your horse wearing Pink and the winner with the most comments/likes will win an adorable pink prancing pony necklace pictured below.  Happy Commenting!

*Photo Edit by Abbey Good

3 Comments on Equestrian Stylist Breast Cancer Awareness Month Contest

  1. Hi Ashley:

    I have been wanting to participate in the Komen for the Cure walk for a while but in Tampa it was 3 day walk. Since I moved to TN a month ago, I noticed a sign for a 5K Walk. I have signed up and I have raised $100 so far. I’m buying the Yoplait yogurts with the pink tops, paper towels, foods that will donate Komen for the Cure. I don’t know anyone in family that has had breast cancer. I’m supporting this because I believe they are very close to a cure, we just need to buy more pink items to get closer to that goal. I meet someone this weekend that thanked me for my support (since I was wearing my pink ribbon) and she is undergoing treatment. She’s the first person I have meet that has been affected by this disease.

  2. Jennifer Neal-Humble // October 19, 2011 at 5:47 pm // Reply

    I am a walking advertisement for Breast Cancer awareness!! Everytime I go out of my house, I have pink ribbons on some where. I was diagnosed Febuary 15th 2011. I will have chemo for a year and 36 treatments of radiation. This is a horrid disease and my heart goes out to everyone that has it!!!

  3. I am contributing by purchasing clothing, hats & jewelry that is dontaing the proceeds to FINDING A CURE! I am also Praying daily for those who are,have been,& Will be afflicted with this TERRIBLE DISEASE!!!!

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