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An Afternoon at the Winter Equestrian Festival

I had the chance to watch the $50,000 Horseware Ireland Grand Prix this afternoon at the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, Florida.  The weather was overcast and cool: a perfect day for a cable knit sweater (boy, I’m glad I brought it with me!)  I’m still learning photography, so my photos aren’t quite as up-to-par as I would like, but bare with me.  I still dream of showing and riding here again:  from the ponies to the amateur hunters, I used to show here every weekend, and once we “grow up” it’s hard to get those memories out of our mind.  As you can tell, I am determined to show here again soon…

above photo: Kent Farrington

above photo: Jessica Springsteen

At least riding is a sport we can start young, and keep doing it when we get older.  Growing up in the Hunter ring, I never stepped foot in the Jumpers (mother always thought it was “too dangerous”).  One day I hope to try it out– it just looks like too much fun not to!  But yes, I am the girl always judging movement and form, so when it comes to watching jumpers, I find myself picking horses apart “hunter style”.  What are your thoughts on Hunters Vs. Jumpers?  Did you grow up riding hunters and then switch to jumpers?  I have known a few riders that are born into the Jumper scene… without any Hunter background.  I tend to think the riders coming from hunter riding backgrounds ride better in the jumper ring…  Would love to hear your input!



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  1. Hi,

    I just found your site and love it, so nice! At the moment trying to read as many post as I can *lol*, before I need to change and head out to the stable.
    I wish to one day have the pleasure to see a real huntershow as we don’t have them in Europe. All the best – L

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