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Stylish and Functional: Summer Whinnys: Socks for Horses!

Are flies a huge problem for your horse’s legs?  Summer Whinnys are a great solution, and they are quite stylish!

*photography by Kathy Cline

The Summer Whinny’s are a great equestrian style fashion statement for your horse or pony.  As you can see, “Salsa” the small pony now has four white socks (the two in front are Summer Whinnys that now match his behind natural socks).  Even on a small pony, they fit very snuggly and are an easy on-and-off protection for his little legs.

Now, really for the actual facts on Summer Whinnys:

Summer Whinnys provide all horses with a non-pesticide non-toxic source of leg protection from biting flies.  These equine socks are made from a high-tech durable polyester yarn and are designed to stay in place for hours.  Summer Whinnys are designed with Fosshield, a revolutionary antimicrobial technology which inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungus in a variety of fabrics.  These socks are useful for protecting more serious bandaging, helping to hold on poultices, and a valuable tool for alleviating edema in the legs.  When you are protecting horses’ and ponies’  legs from wounds and surgeries, flies need to stay away.  The Summer Whinnys are the perfect solution!

Whinny Warmers (the winter form of Summer Whinnys) are designed to keep your horse’s legs warm in the winter.  The winter version of these equine socks are much longer and are designed to come over the knee.  Horses that surfer from arthritis can benefit from the Whinny Warmers tremendously.

At an affordable cost, the Summer Whinnys are on sale at Boss Pet Supplies for $47.97 for a set of 4 socks (front and back).  These socks are stylish and functional for your horse or pony.

For more information on Summer Whinnys or Whinny Warmers or to purchase, please check out: Boss Pet Supplies 

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