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Introducing Easyspurs™: Functional, Flexible & Stylish Spurs For Any Rider

Growing up riding daily, I always had a pony or horse that was considered “lazy” at the barn and at the horse show.  In the hunter ring, one usually prefers an elegant slower-paced “floating mover” horse.  In this case, most of my ponies and horses usually required the need for spurs… as much as I thought my legs were strong enough to make them go, I loved having the aid of a spur to push them a little more… Especially if it meant to win the under saddle class.

I still remember back to the day when I owned Hillcrest Blue Snip– he was one of my very first green small ponies.  I had to wear 2″ stainless steel straight spurs to keep him moving around the ring.  He was huge strided, but definitely needed the spurs to keep him going– especially past the gate for the second time in the course.  One issue I had growing up was fitting spurs properly to my riding boots.  With little feet, spurs constantly had to be bent to fit my boots properly.  With new technology today, it’s about time a new brand has intorduced an alternative to the stiff stainless steel spurs we are all so used to.

Myself with “Sir Walter”

Pictured above is Sir Walter and I.  He is my ex junior hunter/amateur hunter horse.  As most of you may know, he has been recovering from a case of laminitis.  Back in his show career, he needed a small spur especially by Sunday, the last day of the horse shows.  I’d like to introduce you to a new brand of spurs by Ireland-based company…

Kennedy Equi Products

PS: have I mentioned before that I’m part Irish?  I think that’s a plus too 😉 I’d like to introduce you to the newest spurs for riding at your barn or in the show ring.  These specially manufactured Stainless Steel EasySpurs™ are truly a cutting edge spur design. They have an over-moulded polyamide body to fit snugly around the riding boot regardless of the shape of the boot and are contoured to eliminate movement while you are in the saddle. Incredibly strong, but flexible these spurs are guaranteed against breakage for life. The design of each has been carefully thought out and there is a spur for every discipline and they are FEI approved for Showjumping, Dressage and Eventing.

Ball End Spur Easyspurs™

Functional & Flexible Spurs

These spurs are set at angle of 5 degrees to give easy contact with your horse, which prevents the need to rotate your toes outward to press the spurs into the side of your horse.  One of my favorite qualities about the Easyspurs™ is the how lightweight they are and how they don’t rub the sides of my boots.  With many different options of studs, you can chose from a variety of oval, square, dome, and special studs to fit the needs of your horse and discipline.

I recently tested these spurs on a large green pony recently, and they worked wonders.  The pony was misbehaving especially around the corners by sulking behind my leg at first.  Without even having to turn my toes out, I just pressed my lower leg on his side and he immediately responded positively to the pressure of the spur.  I love the flexibility of these spurs and how they perfectly conform to my boots without having to bend and maneuver strong steel to fit over my thicker paddock boots.  The best part about the flexibility is, these spurs return to their normal shape after you take them off!

Wheel End Spur Easyspurs™

Spurs with Style

Not only are Easyspurs™ are functional, but they are also extremely stylish:  not only because the color blends in with black riding boots, but these spurs are also very sleek in design.  All of the hardware on the spurs consists of a non-rust and smooth finish to be soft on the horse’s sides.  At only 22 grams (super light-weight), another great feature about Easyspurs™ are that they don’t rust or scratch– which will provide a long lifespan for these spurs.  I’m highly impressed with the quality of these spurs and am definitely recommending this stylish and functional new piece of equestrian tack for any rider.

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  1. Hi want to buy 2 pairs off these as I have had them b for but can’t seem to find who stocks them ???

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