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The Devon Horse Show

First, I’d like to say a huge Congratulations to the qualifiers and competitors of the Devon National Horse Show 2011.  “Where Champions Meet” is almost an understatement with the quality of riders and horses at this national horse show.  In 1896, the Devon Horse Show started as a one-day show. It has now become the oldest and largest outdoor multi-breed competition in the United States. For those of you that have experienced Devon, it’s a brand of it’s own.  From the vendors, to the fair (oh, I just love that old time carousel), also, I can’t forget the tea sandwiches, Devon is one of the most memorable events anyone can experience.  It’s so sweet you can taste that old-time nostalgia just thinking about “Devon”.  It’s fabulous, ageless, socially elite, and antique all at the same time.  My favorite event is the “pony hunt teams”.  Where three ponies and riders dress in costumes and jump a course in an assembly line, until the last jump where they all jump one jump in sync.  Oh, and this is all performed to music– some really do break it down in the show ring! (I bet this is the most fun for judges, too).  Please share your memories and comments from any Devon Horse Show Experiences.  I would love to hear!

Below is a picture from 2002 with me and my old Large Pony Daphne-Doo.  I rode her from the Green ponies to Large Ponies.  She was a superstar!  If you have seen her recently, I would love to know how she is doing!

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  2. Daphne Doo’s at my barn now, and she’s a sweetheart! We love her!

  3. Okay thank you so much!!

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