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Riding Tip: Always Wrap Your Stirrups

*Above Photo Credit: Morgan German Photography

One thing you need to remember while tacking up and untacking your horse is to always wrap your stirrups.  Not only does it look sloppy to have them hangin’ down, but it can also be very dangerous.  If your horse gets loose with your saddle on, the stirrups can hit his sides and easily get caught in fences, or other objects.  There are a few different ways to wrap your stirrups properly.  I particularly like to fasten mine with the stirrup leather keeper on the side to make sure the stirrup irons don’t accidentally slip down the stirrup leathers.  If your stirrup leathers are worn-in, they are prone to slipping down quite easily!

Above photo credit: Ashley C Cline

Above photo credit: Ashley C Cline

As you can see, the stirrup is well fastened with the excess stirrup leather through the keeper of the saddle.  If you are lunging your horse with the saddle on, this is an ideal way to wrap your stirrups to insure they don’t slip down and hit the sides of your horse.

How do you wrap your stirrups?  Share your ways here 🙂


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