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What Does Equestrianism Mean To You?

An equestrian is not just a rider, nor an owner. She is not just an athlete, not merely a competitor. A true equestrian embodies strength, grace, dedication, patience, passion. Passion for the one that will take her wherever she dreams. To that secret place that is only shared by an unbreakable bond. No, “equestrian” does not just refer to hunters, jumpers, eventers. Instead, it refers to the bond that no one else could ever truly understand, and should really never try to understand. Because deep down, there is only one that knows her true secrets, and she can bet that he will never tell.

What does equestrianism mean to you? Share your comments and photos about what you think the true spirit of equestrianism is. It’s important to stand back and truly realize who WE are. And give credit to those four-legged animals that have changed our lives and our hearts forever.

Julie Ziek sharing a kiss

Julie Ziek is not only a great friend but also an amazing photographer as well. She is an incredible advocate for retired racehorses and is extremely involved in many organizations that deal with the placement of ex-racehorses into new loving homes and careers. She shares inspiration through her talent and truly understands the bond between that of horse and human. Go to her flickr page at jziek’s photosets on Flickr and also check out her facebook page: Julie Ziek Photography.

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