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Tallahassee Bound: A Flashback to March 2009

Today I am off to Tallahassee for the Florida State Homecoming Football game.  I graduated from Florida State in 2009 and this magazine was featured for the Mar-Apr 2009 issue.. what a great way to leave FSU, right?  I first joined the equestrian team at Florida State, but realized I liked just riding for myself and training the green horses.  I started riding for Flying Colors Farm in Tallahassee and then rode for Windfall Farm (pictured on the magazine) in Tallahassee, Florida my last few semesters.  The name of this horse featured is “My Flashpoint” aka Flash.  After class, I would exercise and train young horses and take them to local horse shows.  This weekend will be my first football game back at Florida State since college.  I know it’s somewhat off-topic from riding, but I figured I would share this photo to make up for it!  I wore an equestrian inspired black polo, tailored sportsman breeches, a GPA helmet, and Ariat boots for this shoot.

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