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Painted Ponies: An Ocala Community Project “Horse Fever”

While in Ocala, Florida this past week, I walked through the downtown area and found these beautiful painted ponies.  These beautiful statues are part of the Horse Fever Project.  Local Marian County companies pay to sponsor a horse and temporarily place it in the public location of their choosing.  For each statue sold, half of the money goes to the Marion Cultural Alliance  and half to the sponsor’s choice of charity.  In 2001, the auction of these horses raised more than $850,000 for about 27 charities.  Wow!  This is a truly inspiring project for artists, businesses, and the horse community of Ocala, Florida: Equestrian Style at it’s finest!  My Favorite was the Kentucky Derby inspired horse pictured below… which is your favorite?




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  1. Were can I find a listing of all the locations of these lovely horses…I would like to travel Marion County and take pictures of them all…thanks

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