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Featuring Kathy Cline Photography: Horses of Camargue

A special thanks to Kathy Cline for sharing some inspirational horse photography from her equine photography excursion to see the beautiful white horses of Camargue.  Here is a sneak peak of the photos taken from her trip.  We will be updating you on her visit from the shallow marshlands of France’s famous Camargue shortly.  We hope to feature a special limited edition photo book from Kathy Cline Photography soon.  Enjoy!

2 Comments on Featuring Kathy Cline Photography: Horses of Camargue

  1. Dear Kathy,

    How lovely to see your beautiful images of the white horses of Camargue. I am about to book my self on the next expedition. Please can you give me some feedback on your experience of the trip. Any general advice on how I can get the best from this trip and finally, are there any restrictions on the use of images taken on the trip?

    Warmest regards,

    • Hi MonaLisa
      If you have time to call me I can guide you about your trip to France. 954-481-8134. There is so much to tell you that it would take me so much time to write it here. It was a great trip and lots of hard work.
      The worst part was the food so pack snacks in your suitcase.
      Call when you can and if that is a problem then send me your email.

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