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Featuring Equestrian Tack: Photography by Morgan German

I’m always been inspired by looking at horse tack.  Bridles, horse bits, reins, saddles, and stirrups are all objects used in many equestrian prints in everyday fashion.

The artist featured in this post is Morgan German Photography.  Be sure to check out her work, we are thrilled to be featuring such a unique perspective of horse related photography.  Because there are many different styles of horse tack and bridles for different disciplines in the horse world, it is fun to look at different types of tack to inspire your outfit or home designs.  Regardless of the discipline, I hope you enjoy these images that portray grace and beauty featuring equestrian style in a unique approach.

*Photo by Morgan German

Featured above is a fancy stitched bridle with a full cheek happy mouth snaffle.

*Photo by Morgan German

The martingale is tied while the horse is waiting at the ring.  I still remember the good ‘ole days when I would be riding one pony and the other would be waiting ringside with his martingale tied exactly like this.   This industry-known trick is to help keep martingale leather from hanging down, getting dirty, or getting in the horse’s way.

* Photo by Morgan German

Above is a typical dark leather jumper bridle with an egg butt snaffle bit.

A Classic Rubber D-Ring Snaffle Bit * photo by Morgan German

*Photo by Morgan German

Did you know the snaffle bit dates back to 1400 BC!  Horse tack has remained the same for many years, with just minor minute changes along the way such as the fancy stitching in some show bridles.  Even though fashion and styles change, brands use equestrian horse tack to bring a rich tradition into garments and accessories.  We look forward to seeing more mainstream fashion brands incorporating the different pieces of horse tack in styles today.

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