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Equestrian Love

Happy February Equestrian Lovers!  With Valentine’s Day coming soon, I thought I would share some “Equestrian Love” with you.  I have two horses that are married (they really are the cutest Dutch Warmblood couple I have ever seen).  Have you seen two horses in love?  It’s a pretty adorable sight. Anyways, check out some of these great equestrian valentine-inspired images and gifts.  Enjoy!

$4.00 Valentine Horse Cards found Here

$50.00 Horse Shoe Heart Wall Ornament found Here

$15.00 Valentine Horse Cards found Here
$78.00 Horse in Heart Necklace by Loriece Designs Here
The above photos were taken from Rock N Roll Bride’s blog here
Are you doing anything special for February with you and your horse?  Treat your horse to some extra love this month! ~ he or she might want some sweethearts candy… be sure to share 😉
Happy February!

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  1. Happy Valentine’s Day Ashley!

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