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Winter Wonderland Horses by Kathy Cline


photo credit: Kathy Cline

A winter wonderland is never complete without snow covered horses with thick manes, long whiskers, and steamy breath. Kathy Cline’s photography captures every beautiful thing about the Christmas season with these snowy horses.


photo credit: Kathy Cline

Stomping through the thick fresh powder of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, the horses try to travel in twos to keep each other warm, especially with their breath.


photo credit: Kathy Cline

A white horse in white snow is picture perfect. Kathy Cline’s equestrian photography captures the emotion, beauty, and action in each image beautifully.


photo credit: Kathy Cline

These horses sure do have some long winter fur coats compared to our florida equines that are Baker blanketed at 40 degree weather. It sure is a different world out west!

For more information or to purchase photos please contact: Kathy Cline Photography.

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