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Soundview Millworks: Equestrian Cutting Boards

A friend of mine who grew up with me riding ponies, Molly Sullivan, informed me about these great Equestrian Horsebit cutting boards.  Soundview Millworks manufactures these great equestrian kitchen accents here in the U.S.A!  All natural wood and beautifully carved designs are classic for anyone’s home.  The horsebit is a beautiful accent and very functional.  These cutting boards can be used for cheese and crackers, or serving up your favorite dish.  Sizes available are small (10.5″ x 13″), medium (12″x16″), and Large (15″x20″).  Prices range from $70.00-$170.00 on their website.  The Mahogany accents make these pieces unique to any kitchen looking to be updated with equestrian style.



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