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Stickhedz Polo Apparel

Check out this unique brand from England:  Stickhedz . Are you a Polo addict like me?  Unfortunately, I do not know how to play polo, however I love watching (especially the horses).  Stickhedz embraces the true polo lifestyle in their image and quality.  The polo mallet is carefully designed in the shape of an equestrian helmet as their logo… Brilliant!  With a modern, preppy and rock n roll flair, Stickhedz can be worn by both men and women.  Check out some of these styles for Men and Women:

Some of the Stikhedz tags are actual stickers!  Love this idea..
Here I am in my new “Stickhedz” polo… I absolutely LOVE this blue color!
If you love horses, riding, polo, or anything preppy/equestrian.. definitely check out their website here.  The prices are reasonable, and this trendy new UK equestrian brand is fun and functional.

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