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Southern Proper Style

Do you live in the south?  If you do, then you know what I mean when I say: Sweet tea, barbecue, summer campfires,s’mores… It’s wonderful.  It also means well-dressed people (Where tucking in a shirt is almost a religious habit) The equestrian style is influenced by so many different aspects of life.  Anyone that owns horses or rides horses knows, it’s a lifestyle.  With a lifestyle, it encompasses many different forms of style and fashion.  Depending on the day, the horse, and time of the year.. Equestrian fashion changes just like regular fashion!  However, Style stays the same.  Riding isn’t simply a “sport” or a “hobby”.  It includes living, breathing, and being an Equestrian.

Southern Proper is a great brand that includes many equestrian features and designs.  Take a look and be inspired 🙂 

Beautiful summer outfits inspired by polo players and race horses.  

Check out Southern Proper
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