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Polo Passion: From the Stables to the Streets

For the longest time growing up showing in Wellington, Florida we would pass by Palm Beach Polo every week. I would see the polo ponies galloping across beautifully manicured grass and I thought to myself…jumping is way more fun. I had numerous chances to play polo as a child, but as a hunter rider you never really think to try anything else when you are so focused on the “AA” circuit national level competitions. Well, since my move to Charleston, SC things have changed…


photo credit: Kathy Cline Photography

I got “hooked” on polo. From the sport to the style… it’s insanely fun (I’m not kidding I’ve pretty much tried to convince everyone I know to give it a try!)

Polo is a traditional game from England where players of four on each team are striving to score the most goals on the field. Because the game has so much tradition, there are plenty of rules of etiquette that both players and spectators must follow. Players always wear white riding pants (or jeans) with some sort of riding helmet and polo shirt.


photo credit: Kathy Cline Photography

My outfit: Custom polo boots by La Mundial, white jeans, a polo shirt by Ralph Lauren, an elastic girth belt by  Clever with Leather, a handed-down bamboo mallet, and a Palermo Polo Helmet by Charles Owen.


photo credit: Kathy Cline Photography

The low profile Palermo Polo helmet by Charles Owen is not only comfortable, customizable, and safe. The Palermo polo is covered in wool and is dual Kitemarked by BSI to PAS 015 and BSEN1384 (commissioned and trusted by the British Standards Institute). Navy and white are classic colors that I personally love, but this helmet also comes in Black, White, Charcoal, Blue, Dark Green, Green, Dark Pink, Red, and Yellow. The Palermo Polo is a good transition for those who have always worn traditional Charles Owen helmets in the hunter/jumper show arenas. If you know your size in Charles Owen, the Palermo Polo is true to size, but I do suggest trying one on at a store closest to you. I’ve always thought polo helmets look so fun and stylish (I’m just so used to traditional black from the hunter/jumper horse show circuits).


photo credit: Kathy Cline Photography

Buying polo gear can be cumbersome, but some stores that sell good quality polo mallets, balls, and tack include the Tackeria, Polo Gear USA, and


photo credit: Kathy Cline Photography

La Mundial custom riding boots are handmade in Quito, Ecuador with roots dating back to 1906.  Each boot is custom fit with a plethora of measurements to fit each individual just so. For those that have one foot larger than the other (like myself) the custom measurements are extremely helpful from a fit perspective, and a riding function. Having boots too large or small can create unnecessary blisters, and even leg position problems. I had to add a custom monogram to match the Palermo Helmet, too… I’m definitely a sucker for anything monogrammed 🙂

Also, I always believe in riding boots being stylish not only functional. I think of polo boots as fashion boots as well. The rich mahogany color and buckles really add a beautiful touch. I paired the riding boots with another outfit that can be worn for both the street or stables:


photo credit: Kathy Cline Photography

The outfit: Herringbone Pro Rider Full Seat Riding breeches by Goode Rider.  Printed horse pattern top by Haute Hanger, vintage Bedale waterproof jacket by Barbour.  “Hank” the boxer makes the perfect accessory… Don’t you agree?


photo credit: Kathy Cline Photography

Printed ponies on a silk top= genius! This is a casual chic look that even looks good with just black leggings.


photo credit: Kathy Cline Photography

Ta ta for now! Stay comfortable in chic this fall… get creative and most importantly, if you haven’t tried it already… Try Polo, xoxo!

3 Comments on Polo Passion: From the Stables to the Streets

  1. We are headed to WEF next week to watch, learn, experience. What should we wear? And can we see any polo now since we will be in that area?

    • Dear Dian,
      Enjoy WEF! Depending on the weather, dress for being outside. Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen! Boots are always recommended at a horse show. Walking around the grounds can sometimes be dirty, but if you are attending an evening event at the International Club, you can wear your high heels without a problem!
      Polo events happen on Sunday afternoon. For more information, please visit:
      Enjoy the week!

  2. I love seeing you in your Polo attire! Now I can picture you playing your favorite sport!

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