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Miss Hot-To-Trot Ties The Knot: Bachelorette Party Style

Make-up, hair straighteners, glitter, and cute party dresses set the scene inside my house. The girls around me frantically dressed. We were the honorable guests for my sister’s bachelorette party, and I was the Maid of Honour. I couldn’t wait! The other ladies looked SO excited, but they were still unaware of the best part. What they didn’t yet know was that our pimped out ride was soon to park outside our house. No, it wasn’t a limo; it was a horse-drawn carriage, well suited for an equestrian styled bachelorette party.


Photo credit: Ashley Cline

Our beautiful grey horse, Max, stood valiantly in the street, and our handsome driver, Patrick, held the reins. How dashing he looked in his tuxedo and top hat.

The bride-to-be opened the door. She was party-ready, her outfit complete with a tiara, a wand, and a sash that said, “Miss Hot to Trot Tied the Knot!” She turned the corner, saw the carriage and screamed with delight!


Photo credit: Ashley Cline

After pictures with Max, we jumped in the vis-à-vis carriage provided by Old South Carriage Company. As we meandered the streets of beautiful Charleston, SC people cheered, waved us on, and snapped photos on their phones. It seemed like the paparazzi were out; camera shutters clicked all around us. The bride-to-be must have felt like a celebrity!


Photo credit: Ashley Cline


Photo credit: Ashley Cline

We strolled down the waterfront and passed by the stunning houses on the High Battery. We were still ecstatic as we approached the more populated Market area. It was Friday night, and the Holy City was getting ready to party! Tourists and residents alike caught on to our excitement, screamed, hollered, and wished the bride-to-be the best of luck .


Photo credit: Langhorne Howard


Photo credit: Ashley Cline

We arrived at our destination, the finest rooftop bar in Charleston. A few last pictures with Max and Patrick, and we were off to start our night. What an experience!


Photo credit: Ashley Cline



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