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Loriece Boatright: Equestrian Jewelry Designer with Classic and Contemporary Style

Loriece Boatright began her career as a designer and goldsmith over 25 years ago.  She has created a successful equestrian jewelry line, that I recently became a HUGE fan.  With an eye for intricate detail, and a creative imagination, her equestrian line stands out from many.  Customization and personalization make her brand unique.  The Equestrian Stylist was thrilled to be able to speak with this lovely equestrian designer.

Loriece Boatright- Designer of Loriece Jewelry

Equestrian jewelry is unique and a great niche market.  The Equestrian Stylist asked Loriece how she broke into the equestrian industry.  “I started taking riding lessons, and horses have always been a part of my life.  My first job was working with the Canadian Equestrian Team.  I worked in a barn for them starting at age 14, and then started learning to ride,” stated Loriece Boatright owner of Loriece Designs.

Loriece attended The Royal Agricultural Fair in Toronto, which features showjumping once a year in November.  “I went there looking for some jewelry, and realized there was a need for equestrian jewelry, so I started creating my own.  I started out doing retail shows for hunter jumper, driving, dressage, foxhunting, standarbred racing and thoroughbred racing.”

Her equestrian jewelry business became successful, and Loriece opened a 1000 Square foot store In Toronto.  Now, the company is based 100% in Michigan and all products are made in the USA. Loriece designs all the pieces and wax work.  She has goldsmiths that work for her in creating her intricate equestrian designs. Keeping up with vogue and fashion magazines, she has kept her equestrian style jewelry current, yet classic.

ES: What trends are you finding in the Equestrian Industry today for accessories?

L: Riders tend to buy simple but sophisticated pieces.  They buy pieces that represent the equestrian lifestyle in a classic and authentic way.   Some other customers will tend to go towards more contemporary pieces.

ES: Tell me about the Spirit Horse piece featured on your site:

L: The Spirit horse “ when you turn it sideways it represents an eagle’s wing.  People like the romantic element of horses: The beauty, power, and grace.

ES: Do you have a favorite piece you have designed recently?
L: All pieces become a part of me, and each piece is designed with a strong meaning behind it.  I love the engineering of a piece, for example, there is a piece that consists of an arial circle with a rider going around the 20-meter circle.

ES: Where do you find inspiration in designing new jewelry?  Do you ride?
L: I have created a problem, and haven’t found time to ride.  I ride for pleasure and visit with girlfriends. I still get a chance to ride, sometimes but would like to find more time to ride.

I could literally draw all day, I just have so many ideas.  For me, when I do draw, I look through magazines, I have a strong sense of the horse itself.  When you imagine yourself standing by the fence, and his horse is standing by the fence and you can.  All I have to do is shut my eyes and I’m there.  Once you have been around horses, you just have to imagine.

I try and get to a barn and spend some time that way, but it really is just clearing my mind.

When I sit down to do a design, I’ll look at a criteria: Who will wear this piece, will it be functional, can it be worn different ways, and quality (it must be well-made).

ES: I know you offer some customizing, this makes jewelry extra-personal and special, in my opinion, what kind of customizations do you offer?

L: All jewelry is authentic and turn of the century.  Anything can be customized, and everything is available in Gold as well.  Vintage equestrian buttons and pendants can be customized and totally engravable.  The Equestrian wedding collection is becoming popular with customized options as well.

Loriece hard at work

A few more highlights from Loriece Designs:

Loriece Designs will be at the Beta British Equestrian Trade Association in Februrary.  Loriece  was recently contacted to submit her equestrian jewlery for a Glen Close documentary.  Equestrian Stylist wishes Loriece the best of luck in 2012, as we hope to see more unique equestrian jewelry from her in the future.

Horse bit designs from Loriece

Half Snaffle Horsebit Jewelry by Loriece

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  1. I live in Troy, Mi. I am trying to buy a piece of jewelry #2234 at a store in my area or close by. Is their a store that sells this piece. I need by the weekend.

    Thank you.


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