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Horses are Fashionable too.

Horses are fashionable too.  Here at Equestrian Stylist, we are getting ready to showcase some great new looks for your horse.  Stay tuned in 2012 for some great style tips for your favorite equine.  I love this ad from Hermes.  “Well fit, Well ridden” is a great statement we should be looking at when we buying equestrian tack.  The horse should always be presented well- especially if it is for sale.  Impeccable grooming, tack fitting and style is a must for showing a horse.  Always oil your tack once you first purchase it.  The color will turn to a rich dark brown and the leather will become soft and supple.  A bright orange new bridle gives me an eyesore… lather on 3 coats of leather oil, and the rich brown will rise to the surface.  Equestrian Stylist will be here to answer any tips you have on proper equestrian tack.  Stay tuned for videos to come on “how to wrap a bridle”, “how to fit a saddle”, and more!

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