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Hermes & Gucci Springtime Equestrian Envy

From floral prints to bright leathers, there is no doubt that springtime is here.  If you haven’t checked out the latest Hermes and Gucci lines this season, you might as well!  It may be a strain on the wallet, but it doesn’t hurt to start saving up now for those fabulous events you will be attending this Spring.  Hermes is broadening into the equestrian space by offering products for the rider & horse.  I was pleasantly surprised to see a classic orange horse sheet and the grooming boxes… However, these might just need to be “on display” in the tack room instead of your every day grooming buckets… I wouldn’t want to have any hay stains on these fancy barn accessories!


1) “Quadrige” Enamel Horse Bracelet: Hermes

2) Canvas Grooming Bag: Hermes

3) Wooden Groom Stable Bucket: Hermes

4) Hampton’s Horse Rug: Hermes


5) Begonia Pink Shiny Crocodile Clutch with Horsebit Detail: Gucci

6) White wash silk flounce dress: Gucci

7) Ursula Ankle Strap High Heel Sandal: Gucci

8) Ursula White Leather Thong Sandal: Gucci


9) Carlie Flora Canvas Horsebit Ballet Flats: Gucci

10) Leather Mini Spur Key Chain: Gucci


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