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From Costumes to Carousels: Cavalia’s Odysseo is Spectacular!

Tuesday marked the unveiling of Cavalia’s new show Odysseo in Miami, Florida.  The 55 minute preview was absolutely outstanding.  Cavalia’s President and the creator of Odysseo, Normand Latourelle, explained that “Odysseo is constructed like a  dream, that of a fabulous journey of man and horse, as partners and friends, setting out to discover some of the planet’s most amazing landscapes.”

Equestrian Stylist was able to get a private tour to see and touch the costumes behind the scenes.  Each costume is designed for the needs of the acrobats, riders, and horses to facilitate their onstage movements.  Luxurious fabrics and trimmings in gold sequins, turquoise stones and handcrafted lace portray a dream-like romantic feeling on stage.

Catherine Mireault is the Wardrobe Master behind Cavalia’s Odysseo.  She helps with wardrobe changes and emergency costume repairs during the show.  At times, performers juggle 15 simultaneous wardrobe changes.  Catherine gave us a behind-the-scenes look at the garments and stories behind each piece.  “They are really nice on the hanger, but in the show it’s even better because they come alive with the performance”


The costumes are made in Montreal and fabricated with linen, silk, cotton, leather and some faux fur.  Georges Lévesque (1951-2011) and Michèle Hamel are the costume designers for Cavalia’s Odysseo.  Lévesque was recognized for his creative independence, his originality and loyalty to couture.  He designed stage costumes for Celine Dion, Diane Dufresne, and other famous artists.  Michèle Hamil has been credited in over 50 Canadian film and TV productions.  Together, they have left their mark on the artistic scene in Quebec and across Canada.

Wardrobe Master Catherine Mireault showing a beautiful romantic pleated lace dress worn in the Carusello “Merry-Go-Round” number


Romantic lace , gold metallic shimmers, grograin ribbons and faux furs dazzle each beautiful costume in Odysseo.  The costumes in the “Grand Cavalia” Equestrian Carrousel number are among the most impressive.  Sixteen riders wear costumes of varying rich colors and finishes to form a royal equestrian procession.  Each rider’s oversized cloak covers the back of their horse while the large pleated pants add a beautiful touch when watching the team in motion.

Each horse is immaculately groomed with long flowing dream-like mane and tails.  The scenery and visuals are so real, it felt as though we were in a royal valley.

A real twirling horse carousel descended from the ceiling for the “Carusello” (Merry-go-round) act.  The graceful acrobats climbed and extended from great heights balancing ever so perfectly on the twirling poles.

After seeing Cavalia’s show last year in Miami, I am in awe of the outstanding new show Odysseo.  Cavalia’s Odysseo brings to life equestrian style in a unique way between horse and rider like a magical dream.  From costumes to carousels, Cavalia’s Odysseo is sure to inspire you: especially if you have a passion for horses and style.  For more information about Cavalia, please visit  

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