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Featuring Panache: Equestrian Style

Today’s post is inspired by my friend B.A.H from Panache.  She is the one who inspired me to get into blogging a while back.  I thank her graciously for introducing me to the blogging community, and if it wasn’t for her, The Preppy Pink Blondie and Equestrian Stylist would not be where they are today.  I invite you to check out her blog, as she writes on a variety of topics and lives a fun preppy inspired lifestyle.

B.A.H posted this lovely Equestrian Style inspired outfit today since she will be attending my Barnyard Birthday Party this Friday.  I LOVE the monogrammed necklace.  Hunter boots are a MUST for this Fall… if you don’t have a pair GET THEM!  I can’t wait to get to spend my 25th birthday with my favorite friends and the Loves of my life: My horses.  Stay tuned for pictures and videos from this event!

3 Comments on Featuring Panache: Equestrian Style

  1. Love you, Ash! And the redesign on the blog looks amazing! Can’t wait for the pony party xx

  2. I love that brown clutch! Christmas gift?

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