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Featuring Bainbridge & Company Equestrian Gifts & Accessories

Who loves shopping online?! Well, I can’t answer this for you, but if you are like me… It’s almost a given that most of my shopping is online. Much of my time is spent online anyways, and it’s very efficient…Especially in times of traveling. I found myself indulging the $10.00 fare for the wifi network aboard Delta Airlines last week while traveling to New York City. I had to do some “website window shopping” to kill some time on my 3 hour flight. We all do that, especially on Pinterest… Right!?

Anyhoo, I’d like to introduce you to Bainbridge and Co based in Old Lyme, Connecticut. The store is inspired by “the love of horses and the outdoors”. I think they have a lovely online store with a very aesthetically clean and equestrian site.

A little background on Suzanne McWay, the founder or Bainbridge & Co:
Susan got her first horse when She was just 12 years old in Minnesota where she learned how to ride western. “I showed and had a great time it really became a passion of mine,” explained Suzanne. She stopped riding (gasp!) while in college because of the expenses and focusing on her education, but then decided to take back hold of the reins in her early 30’s. During this time, she moved back to Connecticut where most of the barns in the area were English style. Get this, she even convinced her husband to take hunter jumper lessons with her for a year! Wow, what a guy.
Suzanne worked in purchasing and was a buyer for Sage Allen Department stores and Ames Department stores. After 20 years of fashion and retail industry experience, she decided to start a business incorporating her equine lifestyle passion. Currently Bainbridge & Co. travels to horse shows and dog shows just about every weekend from April to October. Isn’t the equestrian lifestyle simply fabulous!?

We are giving you a sneak peek at some of our favorite equestrian accessories carried by Bainbridge & Co. With these classic and simple pieces, they are great to wear in the Summer and in the Fall. Plus, they are reasonably priced so you won’t be spending the big bucks that most famous designers will cost you on giving your equestrian look an update đŸ˜‰

Bainbridge & Co
credit:Abbey Good
Silver Mini Colt Earrings: $14.99

Leather Clutch Stirrup Wallet: $69.99

Tory Leather Snaffle Bit Belt: $39.99

Tory Leather Stirrup Key Fobs: $12.99

Enjoy! If you would like more info on Bainbridge & Co. Or to buy any of the above items, Please check out:

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