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Featuring Annie’s Equestrienne USA Children’s Apparel

Introducing a yummy new line of Children’s Equestrian Apparel: Annie’s Equestrienne USA:
Just launching this past January 2014, Annie’s Equestrienne USA started by Shannon Klepper since she was unable to find cute and trendy schooling apparel for her daughter Annie.  One day Annie started to sketch what she thought would be a fun design for breeches and tops.  “They were actually quite good. They got me thinking, I tweaked them a bit (with her approval of course) and voilà… We designed the entire line together! It’s a blast having my 8-year old daughter as my business partner.”
From bright, bold colors like the ‘Razzberry’ colored breeches above, to softer pastel pale blues and greens, these colors practically make your mouth water!  It’s a modern-meets- vintage vibe where Annie brings her young vivid color and Shannon refers to herself as the ‘pale retro/vintage’ glam.  We are drooling over the new “Tiff-Annie” blue breeches… that color makes us want to melt (and ask for jewelry to go with it, of course!)
Annies Equestrienne apparel specializes in young girls and “tweens” ages 5-14 years old, but this brand also knows how to make it girlie and most importantly: Fun… They also design matching outfits for dolls.  I still have my American Girl Doll (Sshh… I’m saving it for my little one.. One day, right?!)
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