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Equestrians and Fashionistas from the Washington International Horse Show

The Washington International Horse Show in D.C. this past week was packed with the top equestrian riders worldwide.  From high tech functional riding coats to matching ASTM approved helmets, riders (especially in the jumper ring) are bringing in new fashionable trends to the show jumping arena.  We would like to share with you some snapshots from this year’s Washington International Horse Show of some famous riders in classic equestrian style, horse-loving spectators, to the ring master’s leather lace-up boots.  Enjoy!

Chloe Reid aboard Damascus is pictured above accessorizing with bracelets underneath her SSG Riding Gloves . Photo Credit: Alden Corrigan

Lauren Hough and Kirsten Coe stand ringside at the Washington International Horse Show 2012. Photo Credit: Alden Corrigan

Laura Kraut & Jessica Springstein walk the course. Photo Credit: Alden Corrigan

Even the mounted police women in their coordinated khakis looked mighty sharp while taking a break after their march around the arena….

Ashleigh Beck and Myrical Gratton in traditional mounted police equestrian attire.  Photo credit: Ashleigh Grant for

Courtney Carey in her shad belly ready to enter the ring aboard horse Love Notes. Photo Credit: Alden Corrigan

While the show jumping riders were sure looking their best in the indoor arena, we also caught some snapshots of fun and fashionable equestrians in the stands and around the arena.

Here are some of our favorites:

The Ring Master’s Boots at the Washington International Horse Show are a description of stunning traditional equestrian style. Photo Credit: Alden Corrigan

The Washington International Horse Show Ring Master waiting patiently to sound off the coach horn to announce the class. Photo Credit: Ashleigh Grant for

Members from the NFF Stables for barn night wearing pink “Keep Calm and Trot On” Shirts. Photo Credit: Ashleigh Grant for

Jacqueline Bowen and Rachel Tayman in their “Peace Love and Ride” team shirts on Barn Night at WIHS 2012. photo credit: Ashleigh Grant for

Barn night was a blast… to read more about this fantastic themed-event night, go here. 

Equestrian fashionista’s Michelle & Grace in fashionable equestrian apparel came to the WIHS to watch their new horse “Lucky Jack” in the Large Junior Hunters. Photo Credit: Ashley Cline for

Sharri Dean and Diane Schuler in fashionable Equestrian style featuring Tori Burch Boots (left) and a Ralph Lauren equestrian belt. Photo Credit: Ashley Cline for

Whether spectators were sporting the latest equestrian-inspired apparel or the exhibitors in traditional show apparel, riding boots and riding jackets swarmed downtown Washington D.C during and after-show hours.  It was an exciting week to see the sport of equestrian show jumping take over the busy downtown streets of D.C… definitely a show not to miss!  Stay tuned for more!

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