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Caught in Costume: Halloween & Horses

Are you and your horse gearing up for Halloween this year?

If you followed the Washington International Horse Show (WIHS) this year, you know that everyone is taking Halloween seriously. Even the horse show world’s highest caliber jumper riders got in the spirit for the WIHS Gambler’s Choice Costume Class this past Thursday. Masks and awkward-fitting costumes didn’t seem to faze riders as they sailed over an imposing freestyle course of fences— especially  not for winner Shane Sweetnam. Dressed as a beer keg, Sweetnam topped the class aboard Sweet Oak Farm’s Solerina.

Shane Sweetnam tops the WIHS Gambler's Choice dressed as a beer keg.  Source:

Source: ProEquest

The stadium held the atmosphere of a circus as the corse walk ensued. A beer keg intermingled with a priest, and Spiderman shared the spotlight with a clown, a boxer and a bee.

Oh, what a circus!  Source:

Source: ProEquest

But when the class began, it was strictly business for these seasoned veterans.

If they can do it, why can’t you? To get you in the action this Halloween, we’ve scouted some of the web’s best costume from throughout the year At Devon this year we saw an adorable trios of  busy bees during Junior Week’s Hunt Team class.


Source: Sidelines News

If you and your horse-riding friends are looking for a pair costume, go for Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. Stick with the Alice theme for too long, and you might just end up mad as a hatter…


Source: windbrook farms Photo credit: Carolyn Rose

Check out this Tin Man costume from Oakfield Stables’ winning entry in the 2013 PSJ Trainer’s Medal:

Source: Lynn Cobb Photography

Source: Lynn Cobb Photography

Maybe you want something more elegant? There’s always the option of turning your horse into Pegasus for a day.

Equestrian Stylist would like to wish you and your horse a safe and stylish Halloween! Between the two of you, we are  hoping that YOU are the only one who has a spooky Halloween!

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  1. Krush is crushed that his rearing zebra picture did not make it into the article! Maybe next year! Lol!!

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