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Cash Robinson Clothing Co.: Classic Kentucky Inspired Menswear.

Cash Robinson Clothing Co. is the latest equestrian clothing company that captures the charm of horse racing and the Equestrian lifestyle.  Travis Robinson, born and raised in Kentucky, founded Cash Robinson Clothing Co. because of his romance with the track.  Cash Robinson truly captures the southern charm and traditions of horses and horse racing.  The Small Batch Apparel™ Collections are made in limited quantities with unique characteristics.  Each piece is aged in Kentucky cedar.  These products are limited– and even come with a specific number on each garment!  

The Silks Reserve™ mens polo shirt is the first piece of the Small Batch Apparel collection.  These shirts come in 12 different jokey silk patterns and color combinations.  


Take a look at the packaging that your piece will arrive in:





Once you receive the aged Kentucky Cedar Box, you open it up and you feel like you are smelling a piece of true Kentucky.  Each shirt is packaged in a Kentucky Cedar Cigar Box emmitting a glorious scent.  The jockey silk is a unique logo symbolizing a classic sport: Horseracing.  This preppy, southern, equestrian brand will be the next big thing in Menswear.  By wearing a Cash Robinson Silk Reserve polo, you will feel as though Kentucky came to you.  The cedar rich scent will drive the girls crazy. And, the guys Love it too!  Cash Robinson Clothing Co has exceeded my expecations in a brand.  The guys immediately think it’s cool when they get that aged cedar cigar box. If you have a boyfriend, brother, husband, or guy friend.. and you need a gift– look no further than Cash Robinson.  If you love horses and a classic southern preppy lifestyle, this brand is for you!  The packaging, the scent, the quality, and the story is truly fabulous, unique and extraordinarily special.  Below, Dustin is wearing the Cash Robinson Silk Reserve Polo.  It is a comfortable relaxed fit: it’s Masculine Equestrian.


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  1. Ashley,

    Great write up and review. I think you really captured the experience and I am glad a little piece of Kentucky was able to find its way to FL.

    Thanks again,

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