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Barranada: A Traditional Equestrian Brand With A Modern Flair

The Barranada Shirt & Garment Company located in Grand Island, NE  Barranada is a brand symbolic of quality and tradition.  Started by Barbara and Gene Graves (AQHA: executive committee member) Barranada products are proudly made in the USA and feature top notch construction, distinctive fabrics and exciting colors.  Mother of pearl buttons display their logo leaving a stylish finishing touch.  Barranada symbolizes a sense of beauty and classic style to the traditional shirt.  Barranada (Bar Nothing) is a western company with a classic equestrian flair.  Ashley Cline, The Equestrian Stylist, is “Wearing The Brand”  and absolutely loves Barranada’s “The Wildcard” shirt.  This shirt is a beautiful blend of red and blue checks that gives a shimmering look and feel.  The large stiff cuffs make a beautiful fashion statement to this shirt.  The Wildcard shirt goes well with brown cowboy boots and dark jeans.   Pictured is a Takamine pearlized floral guitar, accenting the Barranada shirt’s shimmer to perfection.


3 Comments on Barranada: A Traditional Equestrian Brand With A Modern Flair

  1. Def cute, Love ur style!! You could sell alot of clothes with that smile 😉 ;)!!

  2. What a great site! Love the look & you look great wearing it.

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