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American Equestrian Trade Association Trade Show

The Equestrian Stylist is in Philadelphia, PA today Friday August 12, 2011.  I just arrived at the American Equestrian Trade Association International Trade Show at the Greater Philadelphia area Expo Center.  You will be able to follow me here as I blog about this wonderful event in the equestrian industry.  I am scouting for the latest trends in equestrian merchandise.  I am looking forward to helping the equestrian industry grow by promoting all aspects of equestrian style: From Western to English and everything in between!

If you are interested in being featured on The Equestrian Stylist, please contact Ashley: HERE.

Today I will be attending a social media seminar… (PS I take good notes, so check back later for some good information coming soon!)

If you are attending the AETA trade show, please contact me via e-mail if you would like to meet up!

Happy Friday Y’all!

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