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A Downtown Look Featuring Vintage-Modern


photo credit: Kathy Cline

Bring the old in with the new. Vintage-modern is a trend both in fashion and home currently. I’m a sucker for scarves right now, so if you are looking for something to give an outfit a little lift, tie on a scarf and voila!

Jacket: “Bracken” by Dubarry | Dress: Ivory Lace, by Forever 21 | Scarf: Equestrian Printed Vintage- Thrift | Shoes: Ballet Flats by Lilly Pulitzer.


photo credit: Kathy Cline

Jewelry: Caracol Silver.

Paired with a Mars and Valentine Echo of the Dreamer horse ring by Caracol Silver, a No. 5 leather La Grandiosa leather bracelet, and a vintage horse bit leather handbag. The leather bracelet reminds me of a guarder strap from the “short-stirrup” days of my youth! 🙂


photo credit: Kathy Cline

Absolutely in love with this ring… So fabulous! (and I have to be completely honest: Usually I don’t wear chunky rings… but I had to make an exception for this one!)


photo credit: Kathy Cline

I almost forgot… One of my favorite accessories especially when I’m on the go is the “Show Clutch” by Black Knight Accessories. Monique A. Rodriguez designs and produces the “show clutch” so that it can hold an ipad, horse show numbers, paperwork, a pen, and the best part is that it can be personalized with a nameplate!


photo credit: Kathy Cline

The brass hardware and nameplates are just like those used on the bridles and saddles of english tack.


photo credit: Kathy Cline

Each piece is custom designed with a color scheme and equestrian printed lining. I chose the jewel tone equestrian print inside so that it would brighten up the inside and stand out.  The folding flap is very handy in keeping everything enclosed.


photo credit: Kathy Cline

I’m very practical about my outfits. The shoes must be comfortable to walk, the handbag needs to be small enough to carry, but big enough to hold enough “stuff”, and the jacket has to be able to withstand a few horsey kisses without becoming stained instantly. Even on the streets of downtown Charleston, South Carolina I am able to play with big ponies like “Luke” above from Old South Carriage Co. Staying stylish and functional is key downtown!

So, as you know, the holidays are here. Remember to kiss and hug your horses and shop your local businesses. Find something equestrian at a vintage or thrift shop and pair it with your favorite new coat. Keep it colorful by adding an equestrian printed scarf to your outfit.  Don’t be afraid of being bold with jewel tones this season. Tack on the tweed, and ta ta for now!

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