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Sunshine and Good Times From The Charleston Cup 2012

Ashley Cline and Nicole Wood for at the Charleston Cup 2012

The 19th running of the Charleston Cup was held at the Stono Ferry Plantation in Charleston, South Carolina this past Sunday on Veterans Day November 11, 2011.  It couldn’t have been a more perfect day to celebrate this patriotic day out on the race course with sunshine, 78 degree weather, and good times!  Nicole Wood (Pictured right), and myself, Ashley Cline, (pictured left) strolled Stono Ferry Course in our white and navy classic and equestrian inspired sundresses.  We scouted the facility for the finest equestrian fashion we could find and let me tell you… some of the men even had the best style around!

Traditional Race Day Attire at the Charleston Cup

Traditional race day attire for men usually consists of oxford shirts and ties paired with khacki slacks.  Depending on the weather and occasion, some men will wear tweed or navy sport coats.  The traditional Ivy Cap  is a great accessory for men on race day as well.  Young or old, this look is classic and reflects the traditions of steeplechase and derbies around the country.

Race #1 from the Charleston Cup: “Class Launch” had the lead for the majority, until the last stretch when “Saint Nicholas” stole the win.

Whether you are a horse person or not, watching the jockeys tack up, trot around and get ready for their race in their colorful patterned jockey silks is exhilarating.

The Steeplechase started off with Race # 1: “The Sea Island Cup” was sponsored by Grey Goose and Woodford Reserve.  Starting it off with a decent $10,000 Hurdle,  this race was designed for Maidens, Three years old and upward horses. was very exciting: with the dappled grey horse in the lead for the majority of the loop, yet it was a surprising win by designated horse #1: “Saint Nicholas”, and jockey Jacob Roberts in the hunter  green and white  jockey silks.  This dark bay 5 year old gelding with white socks in the back pulled to the lead on the last stretch to steal the win.  The horses pound the ground at a full gallop as spectators lean over the railings to watch the horses whiz by.  After attending my first steeplechase last May at the Carolina Cup, I’m hooked!  The Steeplechase is one of my top favorite equestrian events to attend: It’s the perfect occasion for everyone… from familys, friends, coworkers, and couples!  The steeplechase atmosphere is fun, fast-paced, and offers a great reason to dress up in your freshest frocks and spend the day socializing.

A Tailgaiting Topiary… Equestrian Style inspired at the Charleston Cup 2012

Steeplechase races are known for the parties.  Tailgating at derby and steeplechase events is considered to be much classier than those of football games.  Many are seen to be sipping on julips and munching on shrimp cocktails at Steeplechase.  At the Charleston Cup Steeplechase, we even breezed by a tailgate with two horse head ice sculptures atop a shrimp cocktail buffet… It was Absolutely Magnificant!

Don’t be afraid to play some games: Walking through the Stono Ferry Course of tailgates, you are sure to find yourself dodging intense games of traditional cornhole (bean bag toss).  Also, it’s a definite necessity to bring derby hat not only just to keep the sun off, but look super chic…

Amy Brauchle Mary Schiavo looking pretty in pink at Hat Contest for the Charleston Cup 2012

Madi Heater in traditional equestrian riding apparel

The Charleston Cup Steeplechase is an event for everyone… even the kiddies!  Pictured above is Madi Heater, 9 years old.  This was her first time at the Charleston Cup.  She told us that she loves riding ponies at Oakfield Farm. We loved her equestrian outfit in her breeches, half chaps, and rose printed polo shirt… not to mention those adorable dangling pony earrings!

For more pictures from the event, please check out the gallery below.  Also, please visit: for any more information regarding the Charleston Cup.

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